The result is the only purpose
The result is the only purpose
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The result is the only purpose.

Ital Tiger LLC was the first company in Ukraine who starts to manufecture rodenticide pasta bait Rat’s Death №1 against all kinds of rat’s and mice since 1999. By the 2005 our company became the biggest producer of the ready-to-use rodenticides and insecticides in Eastern Europe.

Using only European technologies of production and active ingredients exclusively from European Union give our company the exclusive in Ukraine ability to sell our products to the all countries of EU and to USA. All mentioned above the same as the quality control at all production stages let Ital Tiger LLC to hold the branch leadership in both quality and quantity off selling goods for more than 19 years.

Active ingredients only from EU
Raw materials quality control
Ready product quality control
Active ingredients approved in EU and USA
Producer №1 in Eastern Europe

Presence of harmful insects or rodents inside the house or at the adjacent territory could bring a lot of problems, such as:
damage to the property, unpleasant smell of excrements, transfer of various infections, in some cases even an attack on human.

In a bid to solve the problem of rodents and insects we propose modern, effective and ecological freandly products with a loyal price.


Our goal is to supply the market only with the most effective and innovative products to protect people from pests without damaging the environment. Our products are effective, attractive for pests and environmentally friendly.

We are confident that our products can compete with European analogues in reliability and quality, winning with price and efficiency.

Certification and Registration

Products of Ital Tiger LLC are successfully registered under our own brand names: “Rat’s Death №1”, “Rat’s Death №2”, “Pest’s Death №2” in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbajan, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria and France.

Also according to the new  regulation of pesticide registration in EU, our products can be easily registered in any EU state during one month.

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