The result is the only purpose
The result is the only purpose
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Watch the video About company
Watch the video About company
The result is the only purpose

Ital Tiger LLC was the first company in Ukraine who starts to manufecture rodenticide pasta bait Rat’s Death №1 against all kinds of rat’s and mice since 1999. By the 2005 our company became the biggest producer of the ready-to-use rodenticides and insecticides in Eastern Europe.

Using only European technologies of production and active ingredients exclusively from European Union give our company the exclusive in Ukraine ability to sell our products to the all countries of EU and to USA. All mentioned above the same as the quality control at all production stages let Ital Tiger LLC to hold the branch leadership in both quality and quantity off selling goods for more than 19 years.

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Parasitec 2019 Budapest
Parasitec 2019 Budapest
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International pest control exhibition Parasitec 2018 in Paris
International pest control exhibition Parasitec 2018 in Paris
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Rodent Control - Extermination of Rodents

Deratization – extermination of the rodents.
Deratization is a system of preventive and extermination actions aimed at the liquidation or reduction of the number of rodents and other small mammals that are threaten epidemiologicaly and could cause an economic looses. Timely and well-conducted deratization allows society to maintain the sanitary regime, and reduce the economic losses caused by rodents.
The epidemiological significance of rodents is especially high, since they are able to carry a lot of infectious and parasitic diseases of humans.
Rodent control includes preventive and extermination actions. Preventive actions are of main importance in the general complex of deratization works. Extermination actions are based on the use of chemical methods of control.

Deratization is a chemical method of extermination of rodents, by poisoning rodents with chemical baits – rodenticides. Products with cumulative action (anticoagulants) are the most popular rodenticides all over the world. After the first ingestion of the bait, rodent don’t have any symptoms of poisoning, after repeated ingestion the toxicity increases, and cause the death of rodent on the 4th-8th day.
A small concentration of anticoagulants in the bait and attractive smell don’t cause the rodents any suspicions so they eat the bait in sufficient quantities.

Disinsection – the extermination of insects.
Disinsection – a set of actions aimed at liquidation or reducing of the population of the epidemiologicaly dangerous parasites of the human environment (cockroaches, bugs, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, flies, etc.)
Ital Tiger LLC propose the most modern disinsection products, which are able to exterminate all harmful insects as inside the houses as at the adjacent territory, as well as significantly reduce the probability of future increasing of insects population.

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