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The result is the only purpose
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Rat’s Death №1

Rat’s Death №1- is definitely the flagship product of our company, which is of high demand both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

Ital Tiger produce formulations suitable for European conditions both for amateur and professional users (with Brodifacoum concentration  25ppm or 50 ppm). As well as bait with 50 ppm Brodifacoum concentration for non-EU  countries.

Effective protection against rodents

In our production we use only Brodifacoum manufactured by the Italian company Activa S.r.l, which ensures high efficiency and stability of the bait, as well as flour, sugar, fragrant sunflower oil and unique flavors ensures maximal attractiveness and palatability. The composition of  Rat’s Death №1 contains Bitrex as a bittering substance to protect non-target animals, as well as antimicrobial and antifungal substances, due to which the bait does not lose its effectiveness and attractiveness for a long time (guaranteed shelf life – 24 months).

Effect of the pasta intake becomes obvious on 3 d – 4 th day when the rodents suffer from asphyxiation and internal bleeding which cause theirs death on the 4 th – 8 th day of pasta intake.

Rat’s Death №1 does not cause acute food poisoning, so rodents can’t determinate the cause of sickness and warn the population about the danger.

Suffering the asphyxia, rodents leave theirs shelters and die not in burrows, under the floor, but outside the buildings, on the open air.

The pasta bait is packed in sachets of filter paper with the weight of 10g or 12.5g. Filter paper well admits smells, but hold the moisture outside the sachet, so the bait is able to work in damp conditions (drains, sewerages, etc.).

Been putted into the soil, the active substance decompose into simple components within 20-40 days without causing harm and ensuring the environmental friendliness of our products.

Mode of application

Distribute the sachets of “Rat’s death №1” into the special bait stations or under the shelters made of cardboard/polyethylene/tin pieces. For this purpose you should use a pair of tweezers or gloves in order to exclude the “human smell”. Put 1-2 sachets for the mouse and 2-3 sachets for the rat in the areas populated by rodents, near theirs burrows, along theirs migration ways and along the walls.

Distribute the sachets 2-15 meters apart (depending on the kind and amount of rodents).

Control the intake of the bait for 7-10 days. When the bait been eaten, it must be renewed to the original amount of the bait. Stop distributing the bait when the rodents stop eating it.

Very important:

Do not tear the sachets and do not touch them barehanded in order not to deter the rodents by the human smell.

To finish total extermination of rats or mice in the infested area it is necessary to add the bait sachets regularly until rodents stop eating them.

It is easy to remove the bait after usage and it doesn’t require special utilization. It is enough to bury or burn it. It will decompose into simple components within 30 days.

Available packaging

Plastic bag
100, 200 gr

2.5, 5, 10 kg

Two layers cardboard box
of 5, 10 kg

of 120 g

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