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The result is the only purpose
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Pest’s Death №2

Ital Tiger LLC produce ready-to-use innovative insecticide, the active ingredient is ETOX 20/20 (Etofenprox 0.2%, Tetramethrin 0.03%, Piperonyl butoxide 0.15%) produced by the Italian company ACTIVA S.r.l. for protection of the houses and the house adjoining territories against cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, caterpillars, ants, wasps, flies, fleas and other flying and crawling insects. Due to the combination of the three active substances, Pest’s Death №2 provides both instant action and long-lasting residual effect.

Mode of application

Pest’s Death №2 is a ready-for-use insecticide. Treat the surfaces with the product using a trigger – sprayer. The premises should be treated with open windows. The product must not be sprayed into the air in the room. Only surfaces that are in contact with target insects should be treated at the rate of 10-20 ml per m2.

Precautionary statements

In case of contact with the skin, remove it without rubbing with a cotton swab or a piece of cloth, then wash the contaminated area with warm water and soap. In case of contact with eyes, immediately wash them with running water for several minutes or use 2% sodium bicarbonate solution. If irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes occurs, drip a 30% solution of sodium sulfacyl. In case of poisoning through the respiratory tract, you must go out into the fresh air, rinse your mouth with water or 2% solution of baking soda.

Product is fire safety.

Risk factors

Product is especially toxic to aquatic organisms and may have a long-term adverse effect on the aquatic environment. It is safe for humans to use as prescribed, in accordance with the recommended method of use and in compliance with safety precautions.

The shelf lifeof product is 2 years when stored in a dark place at a temperature from -25 to 25 ° C.

Available packaging

Bottles with trigger
of: 500 ml and 250 ml

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